Sad and Disappointing

User Rating: 4 | Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain PC
I like some elements here and there but really... this game blows. The rules constantly change. Like, they can see me here, and not there. Why? They can see me there and not here. Why..? Enemies are mentally disabled right until they go on alert, then they turn into goddamn super soldiers. Example: explosion in opposite direction, all eyes turn directly to me. Also regarding the gameplay, it can be very repetitive. And tedious. And boring. I don't quite understand the point of capturing outposts when everyone just respawns. I hate the resource management, why do I have to continously pay to use guns and items? I already paid to research them, dammit. The worlds are nice and all so I give that a pass but honestly, the graphics aren't astounding. Previous MGS used to blow me away but this is... GTA5 looks better. It's just. Idk... I get angry thinking about how disappointing this game is. I stopped playing it for months but I decided to try it again, within an hour I wanted to put the controller down and walk away. I honestly don't get why people say it's one of the best ever made. In my eyes it's pretty poop. Ground Zeroes was a lot more entertaining. I'd recommend you skip The Phantom Pain.