A cinematic sendoff deserving of all its praise

User Rating: 10 | Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain PS4

I never played a single Metal Gear game and I was sort of cautious in starting the last one. That being said, I bought this game anyway and began to play. Instantly, I was blown away. It's gorgeous, badass, hilarious, engaging, and overall amazing. The combat suits all play styles, from charging in guns blazing to stealthily crawling around enemy territory. Side missions are plentiful, sometimes repetitive but always worth it. This is an epic game for the ages. As far as the story goes, it's an original and very interesting, full of twists has two chapters (I highly recommend doing the Quiet missions). There is loads customization, from forming Mother Base to even putting an eye patch on your pet dog. It isn't quite an RPG, but the ability to build your own guns for certain missions and putting on different suits really makes it have it's own elements of one. You can even play as your own staff members if you want. I spent a lot of time just goofing off and trying to fulton a tank full of C4, then blowing it up mid air to destroy a helicopter. It's special moments like those that make this game so great. There were no glitches since release that I found and the frame rate is the best of any game I have ever played, being perfectly fluid with no drops of any kind. Finding creative ways to take over a base is always fun. It has an open world setting, which I hear is uncommon for these games. It has two huge maps in both Afghanistan and Africa, each with very different aesthetics and details. It made me feel as if I was actually there.

The online mode for the game is unique and amazing, with different maps and game modes to choose from. It reminded me of Uncharted's multiplayer, except much better and more defined. Customizable characters and classes are again available in multiplayer online, allowing for a different style of play for every situation. Definitely a game newcomers, regulars, and hardcore gamers can all enjoy. It's a must have even if you haven't played other games in the series.