Prologue is better than the whole game

User Rating: 7 | Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain PC

Its the first time i play a Metal Gear Solid game on PC,but i am dissapointed. So many good reviews, 10 out of 10...really??The game starts with a very interesting and captivating prologue,but then becomes a very boring, repetitive and mediocre game.This is the longest game ive played in a while,but it becomes too long to the point you just want to finish it(and delete it from your computer). Why?There is the so-called Chapter 2 that i really,really hated it. You play the first 31 missions and then you have a huge boss fight. There is this huge robot called Sehalanthropus or something like that,then the game ends,you get the final credits,and..surprise! the game is not over,''chapter 2'' follows''. It was a very confusing moment (the first one in a long series). So after having credits after every mission you play (yeah,thats right) you get ''final''credits after mission 31 after you defeat Sehalanthropus,only the game is not finished. Chapter 2 ruins all the game and its nothing more than repeting the same missions from chapter 1 at a higher difficulty level. So you get these ''total-clock'' and ''extreme'' missions which are part of the main story. Its like playing the same missions after you finish a game but at a higher difficulty,only this time these missions are part of the ''main''story. This is just ridiculous. The story is very very bad and confusing,if you ask someone how many missions the game has it would tell you 45, 46, 47, 50 and 51. All are correct. Mission 45 (and 46??) are the ''Quiet'' ending, mission 46 is the ''prologue'' ending (really???), mission 50 is the ''Sehalanthropus''ending (extreme) which is basically the same ending you get after mission 31 .And mission 51 is the''secret'' ending (deleted ending). Still with me?? Lol. Didnt think so.The game should have just ended after mission 31 when Skull face is dead because the story becomes ridiculous after that,you play missions related to Skull face and chase him after he is dead. What is this??Now the gameplay was good,graphics are nice( but nothing special),environments are ok but both Afghanistan and Africa feel empty and soulless.Mother base was boring ,empty,uninteresting and useless.There are other boring unskippable things- like the helicopter ride to each mission ,but overall gameplay and character movement is very good,actually the only good thing in this game.Difficulty can be a problem and you can quickly die if you dont know how to play the missions,enemies are quite smart and very agressive,all the missions are either infiltrate and extract or eliminate the target,then exfiltrate the hot zone.I found all endings quite bad and they leave so many question marks regarding the story,the game feels unfinished.