The Last Of A Legend

User Rating: 8 | Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain PS4

Metal Gear Solid 5

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When the story should have been more important than the gameplay.

There are a lot of things I could say about this game and how I am a long time Metal Gear Solid fan. I think that the best thing I can do is start with my history of it and how my own personal hype around this game grew towards its release. I originally played my first Metal Gear game at the age of seven, and it's something I'll never forget. I started the franchise with MGS2, and still too this day it is my favorite one within the series. First game bias as it would be.

Since then I've always demanded every Metal Gear game give me one thing over anything else. A compelling and detailed story. I understand that my views may be different from many other fans, but I've always been glad to say I've never had to fight this point over with anyone, because I myself have always had both an amazing story and great gameplay working well with each other within each entry.

Then the days approaching MGS5 came about, and with the game finally getting into my hands recently last year, I had only one fear with me. I feared I might get a story that would not only cause more plotholes then it would fix, but one that wasn't that amazing along with the standards that the series had set for itself.

But as it had turned out, the game had a decently well put together story, and superb visuals and voice acting. kiefer sutherland is a good choice for Big Boss, though he is no David Hayter. What really screws with my mind over this, and I won't spoil the plot point of this, but if he had been the voice actor ONLY in this game, and not in Ground Zeroes, I would have completely understood the choice. Otherwise, I have to say he probably is the one point of all the voice actors that I don't really like, but that's just over my David Hayter love.

Moving on too the real important points, the game looks beautiful. It runs like a dream on the PS4 which is a true marvel to see for yourself. The Fox Engine was not put to waste for this game, and Kojima and his team really pushed the machine to its current limits. I never had a single drop in framerate, a smooth 60FPS ride form beginning till the very end. And the fact that the loading screens within the game are very minimal made it a clear show of care that Kojima's team put into this game.

The mechanics of the game are still similar too previous games within the series, though everything has been tweaked in the most brilliant of ways that streamline the game in just those right ways that are highly enjoyable and make the game a lot more fluent. Being able to switch a weapon with a simply button press is a lot more well passed over the pausing too scroll through a weapon menu that was used in the original 1-4. Though funny enough, I still miss the more clunky menus. But maybe that's just me.

The open world change for the game works amazingly. While it makes a bit of the game seem more like the handheld entry Peacewalker, those portions of the game are great. I love building up mother base once more, and I've always enjoyed playing as the Mother Base Operatives. And you can play as a woman now. Huzzah!

While some missions feel like they are a bit repetitive, I never felt like something I was doing wasn't fun. I loved every second of my time with this game, from roleplaying as a operative, or exploring the games world for more resources and expanding mother base while also researching better equipment. You can truly lose many hours in the game.

Talking about the added companion mechanic, as I've oddly found this is a part a lot of people debate, I love it. D-dog, Quiet, and D-Horse are all amazing choices for being out in the field. They all have very unique mechanics that make them each useful in their own way. My personal favorite was D-dog. And my god, when you first get him as a puppy it's just so damn cute.

And this is the part where the game started to suck a bit.

Without spoiling any of the story, I can say that while the games story isn't bad, it's very disappointing in the way they choose to give it within the game. There are fewer cutscenes from any other game in the franchise to date, and no matter what anyone else claims, it isn't for the better. You'll receive a lot of the information within the game from cassette tapes, which in theory is wonderful. All the extra details you don't really need to hear has been moved too these, things that would usually take up minutes of cutscene time are now optional listens while in game. It's wonderful in my opinion, except for the part where on top of that, a lot of the games more important details and interesting conversations have also been moved to these. So if you choose not to listen too any of them, you're honestly missing a lot of very interesting details, and even important information towards the story. This, for a simply lack of a better way of wording it, is shit. It's a terrible way of presenting a Metal Gear story. Funny enough, if Destiny's story had been presented this way, it wouldn't have been so bad. And the worst sin of the games story is that it is in fact not finished. The third act of the game is missing. I could keep going with my rambling rant, but I think you get the point I'm trying too make.

At the end of the day, this was probably the best game I could have ever asked for as Kojima's last game with Konami, and with this series. While my personal problems with it are keeping me from rating it any higher than I am, I can say it's a purchase that any fan of the series can enjoy and even those who aren't in the know of the story, you can also really enjoy the game.

Oh yeah, it has an online mode. It's shit.