Biggest disappointment EVER [Spoiler-Free]

User Rating: 6 | Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain PS4

I couln't even finished it..

I’m a great fond of this saga, I’ve played evey single MGS (well, everyone but PO), a saga which really cautivated me totally, a saga which has given me the best experiences of videogames. I really couldn’t stand it anymore. I can’t accept what it has turned into.

From the first moment MGSV was announced it became my most aniticpated game of all times. After 70 hours of playing, I feel there’s something in me that rejects it. I believe that MGSV is the biggest insult to a fan ever. I feel really disappointed. MGSV is always the same, the most repetitive game ever. The number of side missions is RIDICULOUS, all of them are the same, totally meaningless. Main missions, are all the same too, and story content on them is pretty bad.

Cutscenes have been reduced enourmusly. Snake’s dialogues.. well does he really say something? Come on, Hodor has more lines in GOT than Snake in MGSV.

Every time I'd see someone saying “MGS really needs to end”, I'd thought to myself.. Why do they say that? Every single MGS title is a Master Peace. It seems I won’t be thinking this way anymore.

I think part of this messing relates to all that struggle between Konami and Kojima, but I guess we’ll never know. Konami is falling apart, and everyone seems to enjoy seeing how it crumbles. I really feel sorry for Konami, it has given us so many good moments in the past.

MGSV improved the gameplay, it may be the best infiltration experience I’ve seen. But it lost the best aspect it had. MGSV lost its essence completely. They sacrificed what put the saga on the top. Story, narrative and characters. It’s not the transition to a sandbox what killed it. It was a lot of things, it could’ve been a sanbox and still have a good narrative like the old days..

All I can say to finish with my idea is: Thanks! Thank MGS for so many hours of good experiences, for so many years of debating and formulating theories, for really touching moments, for unique humor. Thanks for the greatest OST I’ve Heard. Thanks for scenes I won’t be able to forget ever. But this game is intolerable. The saga has the most epic ending it could’ve had, and that was on MGS4, in opposite to this ridiculous ending on MGSV.

To the ones who read until this, thank you for reading it.

I wish MGSV had never came out