WTF is wrong with everybody? Possibly the most over-hyped game EVER

User Rating: 1 | Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain PC

I honestly cannot believe the things people are saying about this awful game:

  • "stealth sandbox masterpiece."
  • "contender for best action game of all time."
  • "The world and characters are captivating in their presentation."
  • "Delivers best-in-class stealth gameplay."
  • "Features a massive open world that's dense with exciting possibilities."
  • "Metal Gear Solid V is a standard-setting sandbox game."

These are just a few of the biggest LIES right from Gamespot and PCGamer.

I understand that they pay these idiotic gaming websites to hype the shit outta the game, but how did they manage to brainwash all these other people?

I really shouldn't have spent the time watching the prologue cut-scenes. But, having paid $60 and seeing "10/10 masterpiece" all over the place, I decided I'd take my time with this game.

It took about 90+ minutes from the time I started to the point where I actually got dropped in the "open world." After playing the rest of the game for another 90 minutes or so, I am already bored with the easy game-play, the repetitive environment, the shitty horse (why is this in the game?...), the ridiculous amount of cut-scenes and waiting around, and pretty much just about every aspect of this game. Unfortunately, steam return policy states that if you've played over 2 hours game time, you're unable to return it.

The world is empty. No life at all outside of the outposts.

The map is incredibly boring. You can't traverse 50% of the Afghanistan map because the mountains are inaccessible. It's ok because you're probably just missing out on some more rocks and sand. There's a couple villages etc scattered around but after seeing about 4 of them you think you're just going to the same places over and over again (because you probably are anyways).

Repetitive missions (with credits after every single one zzzz....). The missions work like this:

Steal something at base A | CREDITS | Kill something at base C | CREDITS | Steal something at base B | CREDITS | Kill something at base A | CREDITS

Steal something here, kill something there!... how innovative...

When the game runs out of places for you to go for missions it just starts sending you to the same places over and over.

AI is really stupid. Stealth is a joke considering the enemies are oblivious to a person standing 50 feet away in clear daylight. Definitely NO way this is "best in class stealth gameplay."

Clunky controls are an eyeroll, and the graphics are really nothing special at all,

Way too many cut-scenes and waiting periods.

This game is a big joke. I wouldn't even be playing if it were free. Seriously do some research into this P.O.S. game before wasting your money and time.