Not a masterpiece

User Rating: 7 | Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain PC

If you are old enough to have played the masterpiece that was metal gear 1 when it first appeared on Playstation then you will easily see why the phantom pain is not a masterpiece.

We have all heard about the problems at Konami,

Hideo Kojima left and then the company stated they will not make anymore metal gear solid games.. do we really think that despite these kinds of issues at Konami that the phantom pain is still a 10/10 masterpiece?

Unfortunately it is not, the issues that occurred at Konami are clear to see in the phantom pain.

The story isn't finished because Kojima was sacked before he completed it,

and the game lacks depth because it's an unfinished project.

The mission area's consist primarily of the same map with few differences, and the game play consists of playing the same types of repetitive missions on that same map.

It's far short of a masterpiece in my opinion and for game sites to award it 10/10 is quite annoying, because great games are great games, and a 10/10 rating should only be given to the best of the best.. not to a game that is unfinished, and lacks depth with very repetitive game play.

It's a shame because if the issues had not occurred at Konami then the phantom pain could have been something special, the core elements are there, and the game play mechanics are excellent with great fluid controls and movements, but the over all project of the game as a whole feels half done... and sadly with the issues that occurred, I think that's exactly what happened.