Let me put it straight.

User Rating: 1 | Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (Day 1 Edition) PC

This game is a 6. I used 1 because of the incredible lots of high grades it got. If I could think of something, this would be that the editor review ( 10 ) and some of the people reviews are faked ones, and the editor review was a paid one.

Why? Because of these things.

1. The story is absolutely broken. Second chapter, that means half of the game, consists of mostly the same missions from chapter 1, with a higher degree of difficulty. Imagine getting Quiet in the first chapter, in a logical story line. Suddenly, on the second chapter, the next mission you have to do is getting Quiet, the identical mission from chapter 1. Now after you played a lot of the game with Quiet as your Buddy, you are suddenly forced to reply that, REPLY, MARK THAT WORD, it's not a similar mission, you have to reply, with no explanation, no story, because the story talks about something else. That's not the only missions you replay. Most of the second chapter is first one replaying. It just shocks you that you have to do something which has no story logic, no explanations. Boss, I picked up a mission for you. And voila, chapter 1 mission replaying.

2. Graphics are good and that's about it. Nothing more than good.10? No way Jose.

3. Mother base totally broken, most of it is locked out, the doors that you can enter are not signaled because you as the big boss are an idiot that have to walk 1 hour in a base if you want to find something. Staff management is terrible, imagine having 700 people hired, and if you want to fire somebody to make space, because you are full, you have to search through them. The AI manages automatically most of your staff, firing whoever it sees fit, no matter if you worked hard to get someone on your team. The base is EMPTY, when supposedly 700 people live and work on it.

4. Amazing incredible half-game. Because chapter 2 is chapter 1+ 2,3 more missions. Exactly chapter 1.

5. If you like to go shooting, better buy CS. Because at least you can play with other human players, not the same old same old places that repeat themselves.

6. Beside the fact that second chapter is chapter 1+2,3 more missions, most of the missions and side ops happen in the same places, with similar setups. Do the same thing 1000000 times. And have fun with it.

7. Good luck with upgrading and working for your staff and items, because there are missions that forbid you to use what you worked hard for, and there are events where your staff is decimated, not by your fault, but because the game decides that is fun to erase tens of hours if not more of game play, and make you start again. You cannot skip that, because it's a game event that happens for everybody.

8. And I could go on and on and on. 10? Be serious... In your wildest dreams maybe. Or if the review is payed. Or if doing repetitively things is something nice for you. Or if you like to be tied and forced to do the things the game wants, because your opinion or way of seeing things does not matter.

9. Just a PS. I remember a mission with Sahalanetropus what's the name, where you kill him. Well the game locks it's health, because he is supposed to die at the end after a round of bullets from the helicopter, but before that, you run like mad around him for 30 minutes trying to kill him, using all your weaponry and everything you worked hard for, just to realize that he was untouchable until the mission chopper part. This is how the game treats you. It's very cool to spend all you have on a hunt, realizing at the end that the mission to kill him was ment to run away for him until you get in the chopper, because he is unbreakable until then.

Total waste of time.