A great game but the hype did it no justice.

User Rating: 8 | Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (Day 1 Edition) PC

I have played MGSV:TPP for a while now, and as I expected there would be many cutscenes after all Hideo Kojima always wants that type of gamestyle, take them away and what you are left with is a stealth game with a lot of exploring to find everything, and base management.

However all the hype some sites including Gamespot did has not helped it one bit, less hype the game would be better because the expectations wouldn't have been so high.

10/10 for the PS4 or XONE Sure because it is tailored for the console market, for PC not so and we have seen many open world type games before.

Lets get into it shall we...

TPP is all about the story, about Snake, what has gone on in 9 years, find out more about Cipher and of course all those silly names and situations, a big fiery whale coming out of the ground and swallowing a helicopter! Yeah that kind of weird.

But the story telling is good, and gets you interested, without it the game would be an empty shell doing the same thing day in day out. Obviously I won't go into the story much so others can enjoy it.

Graphics are actually quite nice, does get a bit hard to see things sometimes in the Afghanistan maps, but other than that everything is detailed well.

Maps are large, but that is an optical illusion, most of the maps are actually empty with just scenery, which is the usual open world fare to promote something bigger than it is.

Sound is great, you get to collect cassette tapes all around (this is the 70s/80s remember in game) which include information, conversations, music (Kim Wilde's - "Kids in America" being one) and that soldier with the stomach bug is back.. he seems to be in every game!

Gameplay is good, controls can be a bit awkward at first, but you will notice when trying to be stealthy that a controller is really needed to slow your crouching speed to be less noisy when creeping up towards enemies, on keyboard you have to go straight for them because they will be alerted for a second and if you fail to press the left mouse button... they will be fully alert.

So as you can guess it is mostly a stealth game, if you try to be gung ho about it, you will pay the price.

However you don't need to kill all the soldiers you encounter, you can fulton lift them and make them become your own, soldiers have a set of skills ranging from soldier to mechanic to medic and a few more, each having a rank from E to S+, you get to see what they are in the field once you upgrade your binoculars in game making it easier to choose who you want. But from the start you will probably just grab as many as possible to bolster numbers. More squadies means bigger levels to the groups they join, which means more to research.

The game punishes you for staying out in the field too long, your crew's morale will drop the longer you are out, so periodic checking back at Mother Base will boost them up again (individually), and also you will get weary and tired so going back to base and having a shower will reset that for you.

There is rare and unusual animals to be found and collected, the first one you will come across is the pup. Which when nabbed (you can use the fulton yes) becomes your pet back at Mother Base, which you can also go back to check on it's progress.

So I have given it a 8/10, it's not as full as the hype promised and not keyboard friendly. But if you have a console and want it go for it, it will be a unique experience... but if you hate long cutscenes and story telling then it is not for you.