What you would like to have seen added or changed in the game.

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First Aid and Survival (Food). - In MGS3, if hurt, you would need to patch yourself up be it a gunshot wound or a broken bone etc. You would also require to hunt and eat to keep your stamina going.

MGS4 weapon modification - When it comes to weapon mod's MGS4 i feel was the best one out of the lot, although MGS5 weapon colour mods is a nice touch. I felt like i had more freedom to really customize my weapons on MGS4.

Jungle Theme - MGS3 is by far the best of the series, specially with its jungle theme, i feel like MGS5 is more like Red Dead Redemption.

Camping - As MGS5 is an open world with day and night, it would have been nice to even add a camp of some sort like RDR. That way you could maybe customize things that you could also do in the helicopter but not on the actual map.

Mother Base - I wish mother base was a little smaller and not as big as it was. Also it would have been nice to go inside it and even salute your fellow soldiers when they salute you.

Civilians and rebels - Maybe they should have added civilians or rebels. MGS4 had rebels on the first 2 acts, i would have been nice to see some extra action from time to time. If you help them, they could possibly help you. Civilians just going by doing there daily routine. Maybe try and save some of them who are being picked on by the enemy. If you help them, it could have added to your heroism points etc.

There are a few more things, is there anything else you would like to have seen in the game

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Quiet back

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I wish the original voice actor did Snake's voice, it really ruined the immersion for me. Although, you ended up being a fake Snake, so I guess it's fitting there's a new voice actor after all's said and done. I also wish the plot was done better overall...it didn't have the epic feel of Snake Eater, MGS, or MGS 4...although in my opinion MGS 4 was the perfect ending to the series and at the end of the day MGS5 simply sets up the premise for some of the other games in the series.

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David Haytner... i mean hell at the end of MGS1 he says his name is david... all i heard when kiefer was talking was the "dude from 24", totally broke immersion, also since the did it for motion capture and to make their face be more emotive.... but then they had like fraction of the cutscenes that they usually have and Big Boss was basically a silent protagonist... (blame Konami?) .the second and third chapters. no drones on FOBs.

and o/t, since Liquid is trying to replicate Big Boss' dream, I would love to play the game as the antagonist... also the MSX games should be released

this game was absolutely great and i am well on my way to completing all side ops and playing the hell out of the FOBs as im guessing MGO will tie into my resources and such in MGSV somehow. but it could of been legendary, like MGS1/LoZ/Halo/FFVII type legendary. undeniably classic, as of now it is "only" a GOTY type game that people will not remember with as much nostalgia and just that MGS feel alot of us love so much like all the console entries.

best gameplay yet, but i think most hardcore MGS fans will put this below every MGS on console due to the horrible/rushed/unfinished story unless they hate Raiden... and I don't.