Unproccessed containers not in the resources?!

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Hi commrades! I decided to write and ask people as I am confused. I am on the first mission in Africa after Emmerich rescue (mission13 or 14) and I have fulton upgraded till the necessary level to extract containers with unprocessed materials,cars etc. Motherbase facilities are 2/4.

So, I have extracted a number of containers, however when I check the RESOURCES in idroid, it shows that I have NO containers at all. Is there any use of me extracting them at all?

Or do I have to just wait till a certain mission till I am able to use /process them?

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You're worrying about something that doesn't need worrying over. Containers are just the largest amounts of resources that can be found in any part of the game. Before that, are the little boxes you find at outposts, in buildings, ect, and then plants on the ground.

One thing that doesn't make any sense in the game is how the resources are displayed when processing as it shows a plus/minus of the exact same number making it seem like you're not getting anything at all when actually you are. -_-

So many things completely FUBAR in this game...