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The trailer was just revealed at GDC, so let's get this theory train going:

When does the game take place in the Metal Gear chronology? How does it tie in with the older games? Which Snake is it? Who are the villains? What familiar characters can we expect to see?

My thoughts:

(1. Costumes and appearances:
Snake has an eyepatch, a FOX logo, a beard, grey hair, and (at some points) a prosthetic arm. The eyepatch eliminates Solid Snake, and the FOX logo elimantes Solidus. This means we're dealing with Naked Snake - now Big Boss, who has aged quite a bit since Snake Eater/Portable Ops/Peace Walker.

(2. Characters in the trailer:
The trailers depict two scenes: the first was originally featured in the Ground Zeroes trailer, and the second in the Phantom Pain. The GZ scene shows BB infiltrating a prison camp where Paz and Chico are being held. The prison seams to be run by a cloaked figure with a heavily scarred face wearing a FOX emblem. The second scene is BB waking up from a 9-year coma, with flashbacks to a car accident(?). In the hospital, we see a Doctor (Marv from MG2?), a man with sunglasses (Miller?), and a man with a bandaged face (Apparently named Ishmael, sounds villainous - possibly the scarred man). Then the building is attacked by a man on fire with glowing eyes, riding a flaming horse (definitely villainous - also possibly the scarred man). We also see a young man on horseback aiding BB (some comments are comparing him to Raiden, others Ocelot), and a floating figure with auburn hair and a gasmask (comments compare to a young Psycho Mantis, which is definitely possible).
Furthermore, the flashback suggests that he was knocked during the prison camp, and that the hospital is 9 years immediately after the GZ segment.

(3. The Doctor:
The doctor featured in the PP trailer bears a striking resemblance to Dr. Kio Marv [http://metalgear.wikia.com/wiki/Kio_Marv?file=KioMarv.gif], the scientist who was held hostage during the Zanzibar Land Disturbance (1999) - the events of Metal Gear 2. Marv's death in MG2 would imply that MGS5 cannot take place after 1999. Alright, let's say the trailer depicts BB waking up in 1999, in Zanzibar - that's impossible because the 9 years would place him comatose during the events of MG1. Very well, how about he wakes up in 1995, in Outer Heaven? Still impossible because we know he was active for at least a few years before that (meeting Sniper Wolf, training Solid Snake, founding FOXHOUND). Therefore, if he truly was gone for 9 years, and if that really is Dr. Marv, then Big Boss MUST awaken from his coma by the late 1980s at the latest,

(4. The arm:
Possibly the most baffling part of the trailer, BB is (at times) is shown with a red prosthetic arm, which seems to contradict... a lot of stuff. BB is the final boss of Metal Gear 1, and there he is shown with a perfectly healthy body. After Outer Heaven explodes, BB is horribly injured, and reappears cybernetically reconstructed as the boss of Metal Gear 2. After Zanzibar explodes, he is AGAIN thought dead, until we see him in MGS4, with... a perfectly healthy body...(?!) Since 4 takes place in 2014, we can assume that a second, flawless, reconstruction has been performed (not a big stretch when you look at Raiden). Thus there are two possibilties:
A) His arm is fully restored by 1995 [which implies that his reconstruction before Zanzibar was worse than the restoration on his arm before Outer Heaven, since he appears fine in MG1, but robotic in MG2 - doesn't make sense technologically]
B) The game takes place after either explosion (1995+, 1999+) [in which case the coma is contradicted by the appearance of Paz and Chico, and the identity of the doctor]

(5. Conclusions?

Here's a brief recap of the current MG timeline:
1964 - MGS3
1970 - Portable Ops
1972 - Les Enfants Terribles, Solid Snake is born (w/ Liquid & Solidus)
1974 - Peace Walker
(my guess for MGS5)
late 80's - Outer Heaven fortress is built in South Africa (MGS wiki) [let's say 1988 for convenience]
1995 - MG1
1999 - MG2
2004 - MGS
2007/2009 - MGS2
2014 - MGS4

The game cannot take place after 1999 because of the doctor, and it must take place at least 9 years before 1988 (assuming BB was awake during the entire operations of Outer Heaven). IF the boy seen in the GZ trailer is in fact Chico, this would mean that Chico has not aged much since PW. Therefore the most likely timeframe for the whole game is anywhere between 1974 - 1988, including the 9 year gap. This means that BB woke up from his coma between 1983-1988; perfectly reasonable, under the following assumptions:
- He really was in a coma for 9 years
- He manages to fix his arm, possibly twice {I wouldn't be surprised if they retconned something here, since not many people have played the MSX games - they could say that he kept his prosthetic arm until MGS4}
- That actually is Dr. Marv in the trailer
- That actually is Chico in the trailer


I personally believe that the game will be split into 2 missions, similar to MGS2 and MGS3. The former taking place soon after Peace Walker, and the latter leading up to the formation of Outer Heaven and FOXHOUND. I think BB tries to free Paz in 1975, fails, and is put in a coma until 1984. The scarred man will probably be the traditional surrogate villain (similar to Volgin), who is actually being used by the Patriots. We're probably going to see a lot of growth in BB's troops (possibly some familiar faces, maybe even a teenage Solid Snake) Furthermore, I think the only reason Big Boss forms Outer Heaven and ordered Metal Gear was so he could remotely nuke the J.D. patriot satellite - though apparently the AIs were only built around the year 2000.

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Good analysis, was wondering why BB's arm looked normal in MGS4.

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I would say that MGS5 takes place directly after Peace Walker, because the boy in the cage is Chico, the boy from Peace Walker and he doesn't look like he has aged much at all. So that would mean it starts off taking place in 1975 at least. Then we have a 9 year comma, so that would mean the game continues taking place in the mid 80's. This means IF Snake was 24 years old in MGS3, then 10 years later in Peace walker he would be 34. So that means Big Boss is probably 35 in MGS5 and and after his 9 year comma he would be at least 44 years old. So he's not THAT old I guess. Also, I don't know if you caught this or not, but at the very end of the trailer when he is on his bike somking his cigar with his new prosthetic arm, there is a devil horn sticking out of his head right above his eyepatch. What is up with that? Any theories?

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Well, I wrote the topic before watching the full presentation, and wikipedia/the MGS facebook have confirmed that the game has two chapters - Ground Zeroes, which takes place 10 days after Peace Walker, and Phantom Pain, which takes place 9 years after GZ. As for the devil horn, I have no idea.

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Big Boss was born in '35, so at the end of peace walker he's pushing 40, that means he'd probably be nigh 50 or there abouts in phantom pain. And yea I thought that devil horn thing was really wierd too. The first time I watched the trailer I thought it was just a wound, and that I was seeing things, but after rewatching it it's definatley like a devil horn. Hope it's a joke, otherwise that'd be wierd.... 

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Good analysis, was wondering why BB's arm looked normal in MGS4.



They explain in the epilogue of MGS 4 that Big Boss had been recontstructed using parts of Solidus.

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What if the Big Boss that Solid Snake defeated in MG1 was an imposter the whole time since that one had a normal left hand.