This cannot be released for x360...

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Am I the only one around here who thinks it is strange that we saw the 360 logo on the old trailer? I mean, xbox one is new and all but, how can xbox 360 support this monster? Even Kojima said himself that "MGS4 is too big" for the 360 to support, that's why the metal gear legacy collection will come out only for ps3. It would be strange to think that, MGS4 cannot be supported by 360 whila MGS5 can?


And have you guys watched the new gameplay of this e3 already? I'm not trolling but it ooks IMPOSIBLE for a shitty console like xbox 360 to support al that. I'm even thinking that the ps3 game might be a watered-down version.

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Looks like you're the only one that cares about something so petite as this
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I'm as baffled as you are. The 360's DVD drive was the reason the Legacy edition isn't coming to the 360. Could be a troll.... Just like Sutherland voicing Snake ;)
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You can use more than one dvd, install to hdd? and i think both the PS3 and the 360 version will be with lower settings, no way these old consoles will be able to handle it!

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Kojima also greatly exaggerated the importance of a Blu-Ray disc because he was on a pretty nice payroll by Sony at the time. MGS4 can be played on the 360, albeit on say, four or five discs. I'd buy it.

There's also the fact that only in recent years have developers been fully at home with current gen systems. Look at Halo 3, then Halo 4 for example.