Quiet stamina Kill Episode 40 {Extreme} Rank S

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There's a way to force quiet to use the pattern of locations in order to help you achieve the stamina kill and the S rank.

To be honest, if it wasn't for the sandstorm, this could be done way faster. Also, I believe that if you're lucky you can take her out before the sandstorm starts.

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This is actually so easy. Smoke grenades and your rifle are all you need for S rank.

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I just dropped supplies on her like the non-extreme version. If you stand up and duck 14m before it hits her she gets stuck in the reload animation and can't disappear.

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I used no smoke, or supply drop tricks on [Extreme] Cloaked in Silence, just my handy tranq sniper rifle. Got a fairly easy S and all side tasks except no firearms. Never had a sand storm come in either.

Personally I'm not convinced sand storms are even scripted to automatically happen. I get the feeling the weather adapts to the player, much like the AI.

Meaning if you're taking a while or getting shot a lot, they're more likely to appear.

The no firearms task is going to be interesting on this one.