Mission 51, is that true?

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How i unlock this mission?

Really exist a mission 51? I saw on the internet thats i mission you persue Eli in central África?

Is that true? If yes, how i unlock this mission?

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Cannot be unlocked, it was never finished, just watch the incomplete ending of 51 on youtube and sell the game.

51 was never completed and will never be completed since Kojima is fired. It was supposed to be the last mission where hundreds of people fought Metal Gear on Island of the Flies.

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Kojima wasn't fired and there was no need for a third saha boss fight. I'm just glad we got the deleted cutscene for closure, which is all that matters anyway after 200+ hours of gameplay.

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Yeah I heard the firing was just a false rumor, and that he's just on "vacation". It's also not been confirmed that a mission 51 was even fully confirmed as a definite part of the game. It sounds to me like it was just something they originally planned, but wasn't found to be suitable for the game for some reason.

There's also been rumors there will be a MGS6, possibly with Kojima involved.

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I think mission 51 is based on that secret mission you have to unlock while doing certain things through out the game. I hear it gives you the bandana for unlimited ammo, not sure if its true, but i did hear about a secret mission.