Lots of Side Ops not showing, seems they should by now.

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I have completed all Main Missions except for Episode 46 Truth-The Man Who Sold the World. I have completed all Side Ops that have come up. I have the Mother Base fully built at all level 4. I have not used any exploits like the Quiet Emblem. The only Important rated missions not completed are Episode 46 and the S ranked Combat Deployment ones listed under Rescue the Peacekeepers. The reason I have not done those is you lose a lot of staff.

Still though I am not seeing 21 of the Side Ops missions showing up (91, 92, 103-106, 124-127, and 132-142). The uncompleted icon next to Side Ops in the main Missions menu says 22, but the completion percentage info when I click on the Side Ops tab confirms 136 of 157 completed.

How do I unlock these last Side Ops missions? I kinda want to save mission 46 for last, since it's the true ending.