Kojima's New Camera Style in MGS5

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I'm pretty sure everyone has noticed the new camera filming style MGS5 is using. It's very different from previous games. I thought it was just a specific style he was using for the first trailer of Ground Zeroes, but now that he has showed off all these new clips and with the phantom pain, I see that he is using the same camera style throughout the whole game. The camera style I mean is the one shot only shaky cam style. Everyone thought that in the first trailer of Ground Zeroes that we were looking through a person's eyes because it was just one camera shot throughout the whole scene. But it can't be the case because the camera flies through the air and follows snake while he's climbing up the mountain, so that's how we know we aren't looking through a person's eyes. But we know that he is using this same style in all of his footage. There are no more separate cutscenes where there are multiple camera angles anymore. This is clearly a new style Kojima is using and I'm curious to know what everyone thinks about it.

Why is Kojima using this new filming style? Does it make it easier for the game or is it more complicated to do so? Do people think it's cool that he is using this new style or tacky or lame? I personally find it interesting but I still don't have an opinion on it because it is new and unique to most games out there and I haven't really seen it very much. Dead Space is the only other series I know that has a similar filming style and I think it's cool. But Why is Kojima using this style? What do other's think?