Kojima leaves?

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Anyone have any theories about Kojima's reason for leaving/being booted from Konami ?

I think he left over Konami's insistence on micro transactions in MGS V.

We will probably never know but the whole name on the box thing got me thinking about it.

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The bad blood seemed to start shortly before Konami said Kojima wouldn't let them use the Fox Engine for Silent Hills. They also blame him for the cancellation of the game.

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Konami going mobile games only...

Kojima thinking he's Konami's master...

FOX Engine being created only to never be used again after MGSV (I'll be amazed if it is)...

I'm glad Konami/Kojima are no more. I don't wanna see anymore games by Kojima, and I can't wait for Konami to crumble into oblivion, trying to find 'prosperity' in...mobile gaming. LOL -_-