Hellbound Mission Help?

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Just attempted Hellbound mission (where you rescue

Emerich ).

Was doing great, attempting an A-rank at least, before the final part came up.

On the last part where you're running away from the Metal Gear that Skull sent on you, I figured the objective was to just escape, or leave the hotzone like a huge majority of other missions. Or, I thought we could redeploy Pequod to another spot.

In any case, I left the mission area on D-Horse before I realized that I'd even crossed the line, and then the whole mission just nope'd away. Now I'm back to the end of the Power Plant.

I literally shattered my PS4 controller after throwing it so hard. If the goal wasn't to run away from a damn metal gear, yeah no just land i next to it that seems fine right, then what the hell was I supposed to do? And why did it abort the ENTIRE second half of the mission at the prison?

This is a great game, but this was absolutely deplorable level design here. Really dropped the ball hard. Are you really supposed to just evade the MG and then land Pequod meters away from it? Wht?I cannot stress how absolutely backwards this is.

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for me, this is the only MGS game thats awful. I'm simply not enjoying it. I think Hideo was drunk or the problems between him and Konami made this game garbage D:

It took me a while to get past that blasted MG, i simply lost interest in getting a high score for this game. I would go for it if the game was awesome and had that special touch to it like the previous MGS games did. But this game sucks. I'm still playing it in the hopes it will get better, but so far, its just copy and paste for me

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I agree on the points about only one LZ and limited space to move in without penalty. There's not many missions I've had the out of mission area warning, but this one is really strange.

For me, the way it worked out was I initially had a ton of heat from Sahelanthropus, but once I got to the rocks around the LZ, I easily lost him behind cover, and was able to get in the chopper unnoticed while he was just a short ways away, not even looking at the chopper!

I'm sure it had gone smoother too if I was accustomed to the D-Walker's steering better, which would have allowed me to probably get enough distance to maintain stealth. Now I know to hold RMB to steer it more precisely, but I was running into stuff a lot in that mission.

I still like the game though, because most of it does not involve weird scenarios like this. In hindsight, I recall if you take out anti air radar stations, it opens up closer LZs. That along with clearing out the base prior to extracting Emmerich would probably give you more realistic options as far as being able to distance yourself from Sahelanthropus to board the chopper.