10 out of 10 Really?!?!?!?! Thats why I don't read reviews.

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In the spirit of MGS I was left with one single expression after gazing at all the mainstream media reviews of MGS V (!!!!!!!) Anyone who knows MGS knows !.

I'm now 100% convinced that all mainstream game reviews are dishonest. If you read gamer reviews you'll find that the general consensus is the game is a epic failure 6-7 tops, the lack of story, repetitive gameplay, boring open world, spartan boss fights, wonky outdated A.I, horrible pacing, lack of cinematics, lack of interesting characters, lack of dialogue, etc, etc, etc.

Is it possible that ALL major media outlets have completely missed all these things that the average gamers were able to notice without any review training? No. The system for AAA reviews are rigged.

If anything this whole MGS V review fiasco has done is point the direction to the only honest game sites on the web. If you want honest game reviews, then check out the 2 lower scored MGS V reviews on metacritic and you'll know who to trust for future game reviews.

I'm very disappointed in the state of video game reviews now. When all credibility is lost, there is no going back.

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Nah , the game deserves at 10/10.

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this game deserve a 10/10. What the hell is wrong with you? You think its easy for gamespot to give such a 10/10 score to a game? Do you think they will give that score to shitty games? They give a 10 because the game deserved it. They have reason for why its a 10/10. Go and see some mgs v gamespot videos. You will understand if u listen and pay very much attention to what they say. Dont simply talk bullshit about this game. I totally don't agree with your cons about the game. In my opinion this game is amazing and fun as ****!

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But there's a deleted 10 min cutscene , so the game is "unfinished" and horrible 2/10 .....

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There was also a whole final battle with Metal Gear on Island of Flies against Eli that involves a huge map with tons of people.

And the game repeats stages for all of chapter 2, how is that a good?

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Honestly, if you asked me 40-50 hours in I would agree with a 10/10 review, I was amazed. It felt like a legit tactical shooter. Took me 60+ hours to finally realize its at best, maybe a 8. Its missing key parts of the plot, repeated missions, complete and utter lack of any coherent story (70% of the missions amount to fetch this guy, kill this dude etc.) and really it lacks the soul of MGS. No whimsy, no overbearing commentary on the military industrial complex, no nothing. Its just a game with amazing gameplay but no soul that sucks you in but forgets to tell a story.

My least favourite memory of this game was getting dropped off and thinking like a traditional shooter mentality cover here, shoot that, then someone said Big Boss, it finally dawned on me I was playing a MGS game.

You can clearly tell when Kojima got kicked off the project and in all honesty, it feels 3/4 finished. Combine all these elements with this stupid horse armor dlc and really, you have a game thats fun to play, but nothing more beyond that will leave you with some pangs of regret for having gave them more credit when it was due. It pulls you and makes you think wow, this is gonna be a thrill ride, and by all accounts, it is fun to play, but in the end it leaves you wanting more, or at the very least, a finished product.

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I can only wonder how much Gamespot got payed for the review. I'd honestly give it a 3/10... I don't know if I've ever experienced more disappointment with any game/movie/etc.
I guess maybe if you haven't played other MGS games you might like it more??

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I'd give this game a 9 /10