this game is a remake that takes the original and throws it out the window jus because of all the thing it has

User Rating: 10 | Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes GC
for a guy that played the original,and thought it to be the best game ever made,this remake surpasses it.if you compare the things your able to do in the original to twin snakes,the original looks like an old man playing spy.the best thing they did was put everything from sons of liberty and make this an even more enjoyable game.many might say it lost the coolness the original had,but i would disagree.the first one did'nt have first person shooting,the ablity to drag bodies and stuff them in lockers.even the soldiers who come out when you get caught are tougher,they have a riot in short don't say konami killed a classic,you should be happy because metal gear solid the twin snakes is everything mgs fan were expecting of the first one