I love this game so much!!!

User Rating: 9.5 | Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops PSP
Wow, I thought i would be skepticle about seeing MGS on a portable but i was wrong. this game manages to stand up against its larger counterparts and have ps2 quality graphics and an engaging story and multiple characters that would keep me playing a very long time. I love how I can play Eva, Null, Ocelot, and whole bunch of others. I love the new camera angle it really makes MGS environments a whole lot more engaging when you can see things from multiple viewpoints. I didn't get to play MGS3 Subsistence because most stores have sold out... So I was wondering what this new camera feature would fit in. After playing Portable Ops I really wish I could have purchased Subsistence earlier because it really makes me addicted to MGS all over again. The visual interface of MGS, the design, is really tight and impressive for a video game. Rarely do video game producers know how to make a good design interface. It really looks professional and complete. It really all fits welll together. The controls are very easy to get used to, the radar is very useful and challenging too. I like how MGS games have gotten harder because Snake can no longer depend fully on his radar. I found that out in MGS3. It's very ingenius. The boss battles are way cool gunfights with the boss special powers added for a twist. I love how Portable Ops retains the old school metal gear gameplay while adding a whole lot of really good new features to it. I think the new team mode is a really good addition and one that should continue on into other MGS games, it also really fits in with Naked Snake's story as creating an army for Outer Heaven. I love this game and I will never sell it!!!