Its a great game to havr in your collection

User Rating: 9.5 | Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus PSP
This is a great game with just a few down falls. It soesnt have a story so thats an issue to a lot of gamers. It also has a fairly bad connectivrity in its multiplayer. But ovr all it recovers from all of that. It has a great amount of weapons that can be extremly fun. another cool thing is you can play imfrastructure on the original portable ops so if you have any freinds with the old game you can play online or ad hock with them. Its an extremly fun game with thrills. I love to sneak up om people and knock em out. Another thing I like about it is you can lwork on making your army stronger. Its a great game and I highly recomend it to people who love shooting games and portable handheld systems.
Sound: 8.5

gameplay 9.5

Story N/A

Also this is my first Metal gear solid game so if youve played the others you may be mad about not having a story mode. I am truly sorry