Awsome multiplayer, pretty fun single player, but just not classic

User Rating: 8 | Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus PSP
yes this is my first Mgs game, since im still 13 and this was the only Mgs game that was rated T. yes this game is worth the 20 bucks, and the multiplayer is very fun, but when the infracture mode dies out (eventually over the years the internet wifi will shut down), this game will be completely useless. Infinity singleplayer is fun, but gets boring after a while. but this game is awsome. Ad hoc mode is prettty cool when u have alot of players since the connection wont become unstable. ( unlike Infracture mode) but the bad thing is that its just doesnt feel classic. It doesnt even have a story line.... Its is very different from the other mgs games and a lot of mgs fans are disappointed in this game. But im not. I think Kojima did pretty good in this game, and this game shouldnt be offended anyhow. if kojima put a story line in this game, it surly could of been and awsome portable mgs experience Well, its a good game for people that is new to the series.