A Great Metal Gear Solid for who want gameplay

User Rating: 10 | Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus PSP
Metal Gear Solid portable ops plus is a great game,unlike portable ops this game does not have a story but only gameplay.There is the new mode called infinity missions where u mus complete from easy more like tutorial to extreme, in infinity mode missions u must reach the advanced piont and complete special tasks, u can capture soldiers and gathering guns for online, u always enter infinity missions barehanded.u can make ur soliders gather stamina health and skills and always train them for online.there are new weapons new soliders in the ops plus.there is raiden from mgs2 roy campbell young, and old snake of mgs4!!! and there are new soliders like tengu soldiers with the katana, oclet team and all soliders from the other games.

This game is immersive while to know what to do and wil make u addictive if u like metalgear gameplay.ops plus base more on online and its amazing. all fans should get this wonderful game!