Why didn't konami stick with the origanal formula of portable ops?!

User Rating: 5 | Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus PSP
When i first saw i wasn't playing as snake i was disappointed but that was a minor thing and i could work passed that. Then i saw my objective, i had to get to a place that wasn't marked on my map for no obvious reason. I thought it must be some tutorial. After 3 levels i learnt that was the aim of the game.

before i go on to the bad things one thing that is right in this game is the adictive formula. Though there is no real story to drive you though the game it's easy to get hooked due to the new arcade style gameplay. There are 4 levels of difficulty easy(with 5 levels), normal(10 levels), hard(15 levels) and extreme(20 insane levels) that you unlock after completing easy. You get a real thrill while playing exstream and there are HEAPS of characters from the mgs universe. The problem with that is that you don't real get attacted to your men like i did in mgs po.

The real beef of the game in the online with a new speech system that leaves the origanal online mode almost homo.The awesome psp graphics and great controls remain But because of shallowness of the gameplay i cannot recommend this game.