This game was designed for multi player online but is actually an great expansion of mgs po for people who wanted more.

User Rating: 8 | Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus PSP
Pros: Great online play, never ending re playability, recruitment and army building is a blast.

Cons: no story here at all, same wonky controls take some getting used to for newcomers,

Metal gear solid is a sequel to the award winning mgs title portable ops and is actually more of an expansion. Essentially this game was designed for online play but added an interesting element called the infinity mission that players are suppose to play in order to acquire troops, gear and weapons to play online and off with. the infinity mission consists of 4 difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard, and extreme) each have more stages to pass and better men and weapons to acquire than the last.the main mission of the infinity mission is to head to the advance point of each stage till you win which sounds a lot easier that it is.

However the infinity mission is the closest thing to story there is. Because this is only n expansion and not an actual game there is no story element to this at all. However this in no way means this is a bad game, quite the opposite actually. No its as much a metal gear game as subsistence and substance before it.

This is a worthy title and very much one you should pick up