If you already own Portable Ops and have no need for the multiplayer, don't bother with Portable Ops+...

User Rating: 7 | Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus PSP
Multiplayer can be really fun in games, sometimes it's the only fun thing about a game. In Portable Ops+, that's all it's about. If you've already got the original Portable Ops and you need more multiplayer action, you may want to seek out Ops+, it features more gameplay modes, characters and much more... all this for the multiplayer?

Well that's because it's dedicated to multiplayer, the single player only consists of a mode named 'Infinity Mission' which just gives you a random map and your objective is to reach it's advance point. It's rather dull, but rewarding nevertheless. Of course, the only reason you'd be doing this is because you may want to unlock the new characters or to upgrade your squad for the online play. Other than that, you may find 'Infinity Mission' more of a chore than fun. Kindly, Portable Ops+ allows you to import your characters/weapons/etc from the previous Portable Ops into this version, so all the hassle and hardwork you attempted is still safe.

So if you're in need of more multiplayer action from the PSP Metal Gear, then buy Portable Ops+. If you're looking for a new chapter to the series, you won't find it here.