Definitly not the best in it's seiries, but its my first Metal Gear game. after 300 hours of playing I still love it!

User Rating: 9.5 | Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus PSP
This game is not a story driven game at all. There is not even one cut-scene!
but games can be great without story. The first good thing about this game is
that you can import your MPO original save file to get all of the soldiers from
your original game save. The downside is that the character's stats may be
reduced. The single player mode is no where near as great as it's
predecessor, but this game is an add on to it, not a sequel. The single player
mode has bad enemy intelligence (Artificial Inteligence, or AI) compared to the original, good or bad
thing for you (easy game play or not much challenge) the AI is not that bad
but you can notice it sometimes (enemies running into walls, calling HQ in a
place where you can easily kill them before the conversation is done, same
lines in HQ calls, telling workers and scientists to freeze makes them scream
and run away, and some thing you may find out too that I may have forgotten
to list.) other than lack of story and the AI being a tad bit off, the single player
is ok. there are some new carriers too, over four i think, and a new map from
Metal Gear Solid/Twin Snakes, REX Hangar! there are 3 or 4 new uniques for
+, and more soldier types to be found. Boss Rush mode (fight all bosses from
MPO with up to 4 characters, and no health restores, and no soldier switches
until one dies,) can be unlocked by importing MPO save data while creating
new MPO+ save data. Does this game sound bad? its not because of the
new AD-HOC (local play) and Infrastructure (Online) Modes! Thats why its
called +. +stands for addition. First of all, the online mode of plus has much
more people on than the original version. Want to play AD HOC or
Infrastructure with a friend who has the original Portable Ops? you can do that
too, but the new characters and modes cant be used. the infrastructure mode
does not have MIC (microphone) capabilities, but you can make presets of
messages. the last con about this game is that there is HACKS (yes, hacks,)
and some people use them. I havent been to a room with hackers but they
are out there. there is also some lag and hacked soldiers that you may play
against, but it is fun. (I know I may have not listed a lot of pros) but it is very
fun. if you like metal gear online and want to play MPO with a great
multiplayer and portable experience, this game may be what you are looking
for. also get this game if you love online games (I got it because I liked
Metroid Prime Hunters.) you may need this in your collection. if you find my
review helpful or are getting the game, I'll see you on the battlefield!