User Rating: 10 | Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker PSP
There are only two flaws that I found in this game. The awkward camera controls and Snake can't crawl (why Mr. Kojima?). The former takes a little bit of practice AND can be really annoying especially when fighting against that dreaded Chrysalis and the latter...well, it takes out the fun just a little that Snake can't move while lying prone.

Anyways, this game is definitely worth having for. I think that this is one of the best game that the PSP has to offer. The story is good and it takes off where Snake Eater left (I haven't played Portable yet). The comics styled cutscenes are nicely drawn. And the music found here are nice to listen at. Where the hell would I listen to a love song like "Heaven's Divide" while brutally taking down bosses and enemies. It's relaxing and very serene.

And of course, the gameplay is superb. Aside from playing the main story, there are tons of content to be found. This is basically a stealth and action game but being able to manage staff and researching obtainable equipment makes it stand out from the other MGS series. The game adds a little layer of strategy and RPG into it by playing as other characters with their own stats and skills. Even if they all do look alike, it's still a nice addition. Plus, there's co-ops both in the main and the extras. The only problem is that I haven't have someone to play with. Hah.

I was on my way of becoming an MGS fan starting from Snake Eater and this one really hammered the nail down. Another game well done Konami and Mr. Kojima. Can't wait for another one.