GTA Chinatown Wars got 9.5 but this 9.0.

User Rating: 10 | Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker PSP
I think this game Deserve a 9.5 too here on GS, but I am a MGS fan so I added 0.5 to my score to make it PERFECT 10.

It's not an easy task to see a game on a handheld that is really Amazing. Imagine, MGS3 like graphics with controls that actually works with top notch quality.

I am not going into details with the game, I'll let you experience it first hand or read the reviews on GS or IGN (or other gaming review sites).

I just want to let you know that IT is worth picking this game up even if your not an MGS fan or just curious. The high production this game have, pack with alot of content really makes this a great game. It deserves the high score it has.

The game's story is pretty top notch since Kojima is personally invovle. Cool stylish cutscenes with complete top notch voice acting, and cutscenes have a twist that you haven't seen in the other mgs games.

Graphics are really impressive, on par with mgs 3 on the ps2. The gameplay is pretty good, BETTER than mgs3 with alot of customizing and alot of stuff to do. There's a bit of rpg elements involve too. Sound is also great.

All in all it's a great game that shouldn't be missed. Alot of content in the game that will keep you occupied for a while.

If you don't have a psp and you are a Big fan of mgs, this is worth buying. Psp anyways is affordable, just keep checking dell for sales or ebay. And psp owner SHOULD get this game. It's one of those games you would recommend to new psp owners together with God of War and FF:Crisis Core.

Must buy!!!

(Hope other game developers are inspired to make good quality games like this one on the psp.)