One of the best games on the PSP, and one of the best in the series

User Rating: 9 | Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker PSP

This game was such a joy to play in the PSP, that is kinda hard to express into words. As the first installment into a portable system, Kojima managed to deliver a fantastic experience into the PSP. This game is almost on par with the masterpiece that is Sons of Liberty. Extremely fun, action packed, lots of replay value, this game will keep you glued to your PSP for months! The history and gameplay is as innovative as it can get, and starts a new concept in the series whitch paved the way to Ground Zeroes and Phanton Pain. I would say this is the second best game on the PSP, only behind the perfect project that is Final Fantasy Type-0. For any MGS fan out there, this is a must play, preferably on the PSP, but whichever version you get, you'll enjoy a spectacle of storytelling from the master Hideo Kojima.