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5 weeks ago i began creating a dedicated site to the metal gear solid sega.
Since then the site has been completed, legal information in place, and a forum assessment for people who wish to voluntarily become part of it (MGSU. weather it be providing content, or moderating.)

The board is simple, and easy to navigate.
I have created a means to provide services for users to share and discuss their information on a stable and simplistic discussion board devoted entirely to the Metal Gear Solid Universe.
My vision is to create and provide what is lacking "Socially" within the fan base of Metal Gear Solid,
within a great environment.
My dream is seeing it become BIG, a ground zero, and i would appreciate if i could simply have some help getting MGS fans attention about this website i have created.

Im currently looking to assess moderators and anyone else who wishes to provide help,
and I'm also hoping people will just visit the site and enjoy discussing!
We have dedicated boards for peace walker and would appreciate users posting facts and content for Peace Walker

If you are interested,
visit: mgsuniverse.com
-View the "MGSU Operations" thread.
-Click on the "Become Part Of MGSU" topic,
and there you will find additional info, and a template to copy/paste that you can submit to moderator.
(or other volunteer stuff)

Anyways, We have an EXLUSIVE interview from hideo kojima, june-8-2012 from cvg,
along with the most updeted info on Project ogre, Foxengine, and additional MGS5 News all
right here: http://mgsuniverse.com/index.php/board,9.0.html

Thankyou fro reading, and i look forward to seeing you all at MGSU



mgsuniverse.com go there now.Looking for staff for awesome website.


EXLUSIVE UP TO DATE MGS5 INFO AND NEW KOJIMA INTERVIEW:http://mgsuniverse.com/index.php/board,9.0.html