Better get this then the orginal Metal Gear Solid (If you havént brought it)

User Rating: 10 | Metal Gear Solid Integral (Konami the Best) PS
In 1998 the highly-apcitated sequel to Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake Metal Gear Solid was released for PSone the game had sold well and rumors are saying that a MGS2 is under development but until MGS2 is released fans have Metal Gear Solid Integral to play while they wait (this review won´t focus on the story but merely on the extras).
Metal Gear Solid Integral comes with various extras other then the main game in contains Very Easy mode(japanise) and Extreme mode which was for europeans only and a first person mode and the FPS mode sounds intersting but it´s not all that intersting at all since you can´t see your weapon and that´s a shame since Snake got a big and nice arsneal at his disposle also it Snake turns around fast and the camera tends to revert back to the normal perspective after every transitional screen, making switching back to first-person view an annoyance.
On the third disk you´ll find 300 VR missions (more on that later) a photographic mode and the original promotional movies that were originally shown at previous E3s before the game was released.
The VR missions are more like small tranning missions where you get to learn the controls praticeing useing weapons and sneaking silently past soliders there are fun to play and complete a curtain amount of them and you´ll unlock Mestery mode where a solider is found dead and it´s your job to clear the mesterys there are fun to play(esspecialy the last mestery mission). You can also play as the ninja and in his missions your obtjevcte is to either slash a couple of pins guards or even kill Snake! there are also fun to play but the only downside is that there are only about 4-6 missions.
In the photographic mode you can take pictures of Naomi and Mei-Ling and depending on how much of the VR missions you have completed the closer you´ll get to the persons however it might be a bit pointless since each photo takes about two memory-card blocks each so you might have a very big memory card if you want to take pictures.
Because of the VR missions the replay value is very big (unless for disc 1 since the game only takes about 10 hours to complete) so you´ll keep comming back untill you have completed all of the VR missions.
Metal Gear Solid Integral is also out for PC which is released in both America and Europe the PC version holds up well with a little improved graphics and a quick-save however the motion-blur effect used in the cinematics appears to be missing however it´s a good version it´s a succesfull port compareing to Capcom´s recent atempt to port Resident Evil and Dino Crisis so it´s a good version if you can´t import the PSone version.
If you want the PSone version then your going to import it because the PSone version has not been released in both America and Europe however the game can be played in English fully so people who can play imported games can import it without the need for knowing japanise.
Metal Gear Solid Integral is the ultimate version of Metal Gear Solid and it´s stil one of the best PSone games ever and it´s a must buy you mustént miss this game.