It's the revolutionary Kojima team that puts a new vision on games modes, the totally new Stealth game. It's PERFECT ! !

User Rating: 10 | Metal Gear Solid Integral (Konami the Best) PS
Perfect game,
I know that in the series there are MGS2 and 3 with lots of new things but I will not compare to them, because this is Playstation 1.

In my opinion this is the one that starts all the stealth games enterprises, where the better way to go through the game is not killing the guards, its the inverse! it's better to avoid them. This points goes to the Gameplay, which up to that year (1999) is totally new.

The sounds are perfectly real, each shoot is singed by each weapon. There is nothing to say about it.

As we know, Kojima productions takes every single byte of memory they can from Playstation, that's why MGS1 has perfect graphs for what PS1 can offer to us.

If you are looking for an espionage game, you are not only getting this, this is not Espionage Game this is Tactical Espionage Action Game!!!

Metal Gear Solid offers you more than you expect from it, and this is what it made it my favorite of the whole saga of MGS. Even more than the ones for PS2 that has better graphs, or than TTS, the same game but reedited for GameCube.

I expect you enjoyed the reading, as I always say,
Thank you so much for your little time,