The PC version...ROCKS HARD!

User Rating: 9 | Metal Gear Solid Integral (Konami the Best) PS
What do you get when you combine MGS with a so-so game add-on... Err, I mean VR missions? Answer? The ultimate MGS collection.

Depending on the PC you played on, you would actually get improved graphics from the game, combined with the VR missions from the PS1.

Well done, but two problems, which cause it to be a 9...

1.) Was released in Europe.
2.) Was not ported to a console.

Nowadays, you can't play this game on a PC with anything with a video that has a higher capacity than 64mb. And there is no longer support for this game, so buyer beware. Be sure that your computer specification can match this game.

Also, find a PS1 controller clone that is USB compatible. If you want a headache fast, try playing MGS on the keyboard. :(

9. Improving and adding. I still think VR missions should've had a versus mode.