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User Rating: 10 | Metal Gear Solid HD Collection X360
Because I have an Xbox, I could not play any of these games. The closest I had was MGS2 for PlayStation 2. As soon as this collection came around, I bought it. Best money I have ever spent. I learned so much more about the story, found easter eggs, collected ID's and camo. Not one aspect of this series is disappointing to me. Boss battles are unique, and enemies aren't stupid (if that's the difficulty you decide to play it on, little wimp.) . I was surprised to play Peace Walker because of how different the play style is, but once I grew accustomed to it I loved it and would not stop playing and trying to beat my best score and recruit new, better members. Now if only MGS4 would show it's face to the Xbox 360 console...I know I would pay big bucks to continue with the story and not skip this step to play Revengeance. Kojima, help out the bigger gaming community and profit!