Metal Gear Solid 4 Trophy Patch Finally Happening!!!!

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enjoy :P


this is huge!!!!!!

still it is MGS 25th anniversary this year(hell yeah!!!)

got my limited edition signed by Hideo Kojima and Yoji Shinkawa last June 8, 2012 at Uniqlo NYC :D

also gotten some exclusive PS3 25th anniversary cover and some godly T-shirts(Metal Gear Rising Raiden Skeleton T-Shirt is the best)

man seeing Yoji Shinkaw in person for the first time is freaking godly!!!!!

i do hope they put the Tokyo Midtown video in youtube like they did last Peace Walker world wide event.

i hope we get more than a mere trophies like a picture gallery mode like in MGS1 or Document of MGS2 where you take pictures of various characters in "various" poses

Boss Survival Mode, Secret Theater(like in Subsistence, the Rock Paper Scissors vs The Boss is godly) VR Missions, as well as gallery mode(to watch all the cutscenes) and please an offline mode for MGO(would play that everyday, don't like the online mode)

basically an Expansion of the game like the first 3 main games :)

man i am freaking hype about this!!!!!!!!

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Someone suggested to me that there should be a mode where Naomi, Meryl, Rosemary and Mei-Ling will pose as B&B members and you'll fight them as their counterparts.

and the final boss girl is Sunny LOL.

this is why i love the MGS series. things like this is what makes me comeback for more :D

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The patch is now live. 34 trophies.

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Haven't played Metal Gear Soild 4 in awhile, looks like i'll be playing that tonight :) (And getting me some trophies!)

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I'm glad, gives me more reason to play through this masterpiece.

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Cool story bro, i really interested on what you brought...