Is the story good even if you haven't played any other MGS games?

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I've never played an MGS game. Will I be lost as to what is going on with the story? Or is everything pretty well explained?

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The story is quite complex, so I would recommend that you play the other MGS games first.

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I would play at least MGS1 and 2, otherwise you won't know enough about most of the characters to fully understand their significance in the story. MGS3 isn't mandatory, but it shows you where everything started, and the Subsistance version has the original two games as well.

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Nope, playing MGS4 without the others before would be the biggest mistake you can do.

MGS4 is the big finale of the series where as good as EVERYTHING from MGS1, 2 and 3 comes together in a furious, awesome, well made and thought through finale.

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Your better of playing Metal Gear solid 1 first if not you could just do some research on the games background storyline in other Metal gear games because they are all connected in one way or another
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Ya, I'd say do the research because I recently went through MGS1 again, and boy is it tough to play. Totally different gaming generation. Either way, you owe it to yourself to play MGS4. MGS4 is a masterpiece of a video game. I'm a XBox fanboy, but I did buy a PS3 back in the day, just for this game. Absolutely amazing game.

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i wan to see this game for xbox 360 -.- should be great!
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playing the other mgs games will completely solve the plot twisted story in mgs 4 but it will help.
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You would be doing yourself a massive desservice by not playign the others. MGS 1 is easily the best of the series.

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you have GOTTA play at least the first one. I would recommend you do the entire series in order. Such a good story to see play out. I own a few metal gear replica airsoft guns from MGS4:
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Some people say you should play all the games in order to understand it. I'm not one that actually understands the whole story as i've not played all the other games, but it doesn't bug me that much unlike others. I think you will enjoy it even if you don't know anything about it. MGS3 is still my favorite out of the one's i've played though
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The story is very interesting!