2.0 Patch Problems

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Like a lot of people, I started playing MGS4 again now that the trophy patch is out. Along the way, there were a couple hiccups where it showed the old disc icon from MGS1 in the corner of the screen. But whatever, it's an old game, maybe it got a scratch or two. Well now I'm at the end of the Act 4 Briefing, right before it plays the MGS1 flashback. It shows the Now Loading screen, which then freezes for just a second, and then returns me to the PS3 desktop! I cleaned off my disk, same thing. I deleted the full install and switched to chapter install, same thing. I switched back to full install, same thing. I got a new copy of the game, same thing. I'm about to try another complete uninstall/reinstall of the game data, but I'm skeptical. Anyone else having problems? Anyone know for sure if this is a patch problem?
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Another thing I wasn't sure was a patch error or a disk error - the background music gets really choppy, especially during action sequences. I have not checked to see if this changes depending on install mode, but it's been true of both disks I've tried.
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Tried again deleting my full installation and switching to the chapter-by-chapter overwriting installation mode, and now Act 4 loaded. Weird. The choppy music and occasionally a delay in dialogue audio during Mission Briefing cinematics persist, but I can live with them. I'm not positive if either of these problems was present before the patch.
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Ya, I'm not sure bud. I recently went through another no kill/alert playthrough and made it safely to the end with no hiccups. Maybe it's your disk or your PS3?

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Yeah, looks like it's a problem with my system that coincidentally first appeared at the time of this patch. I'm now seeing glitches in other games too, and the system likes to reset when I quit a game. Sending it away for maintenance, we'll see if the problems with MGS4 are gone when it returns. I hope so.
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Well i managed to get to the last Act,Act 5 and it crashed just at the start of it and it would always crash at the first boss of that Act,i tried deleting and re installing the data and resetting my ps3 multiple times but in the end i just sent the game back and got a refund,i'm not sure if it was because i was using one of the new 12gb 'super' slim ps3's,or because of the new patch or what,it was a bummer as i was getting engrossed into the story but the fact i was near the end but couldn't complete it because of some random re-incurring crash annoyed me so much.
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