MGS3 is reborn with a new camera, online mode, a new theatre, and a bunch of other modes that make is worth buying again

User Rating: 9.8 | Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence (First Print Limited Edition) PS2
MGS3 was an amazing game with a story so good, it made you feel really good inside and a survival, camouflage, and fighting system that made MGS3 have more variety instead of walking around in the same clothes, eating the same rations, and using the same punch-kick combo on enemies. CQC (the new combat system), made close-combat much better because of the variety of moves. You could interrogate, throw, drag, and choke a guard with it. You can also slit his throat or even use him as a human shield.
MGS3 had amazing graphics that couldn't be used to it's full potential because of the well-known top-down camera MGS is known for. However, in a forest setting and no radar, a new view was needed. Now Kojima, reading the cries of players complaining about the camera, has made a new, fully controllable camera with which you can tilt, pan, and rotate with the right analog stick.
This camera does many good things for MGS. Oh, and for the people who liked the old camera, you can still activate it by pressing R3. Anyways, the new camera makes MGS much better because you can see all around snake without looking in first person camera. It also makes the graphics, same as Snake eater, seem so much better.
My only complaint,is that those graphics were used in 2004, an almost 2 years ago so they aren't as good as they could've been. I've also got some problems with the lip syncing. Other than that though, the graphics are top-notch with a variety of different character models, character actions and environments.
The sound quality is amazing. Some examples are when a guard radio's in, Snake starts screaming while shooting, a guard talks during an interrogation, the guns shooting and explosions, and most importantly, the voices of the excellent cast during the cutscenes. This cast includes David Hayter as Snake, Lori Alan as the Boss, Josh Keaton as Ocelot, and Suzetta Minet as EVA.
But this game is way worth the buy. It's only $30 anyway and it's the complete Snake Eater game with a new camera, Online, Metal Gear 1 & 2, and a bunch of other fun modes and features. The thing that really finishes this game to make it one of the best games i've ever played and owned is the story. It starts off making you think: "Snake's just gotta go save Sokolov" but it changes into a completely different thing where Snake meets many different characters and in the end, saves the world. And the one thing that left me breathless was the speech Ocelot gives to someone. It makes think back on the ENTIRE story. When I finished and learned everything in the story, A LOT of questions that I asked while playing MGS 1, 2 and the beginning of MGS3 were answered. But there is a missing link in between MGS3 and MGS1 that I think is gonna be filled out in MGS portable ops.
So in conclusion, MGS3 subsistence is one game that I don't think will be forgotten until MGS4 comes out. And maybe, it will be remembered after that.