best game i've ever played,and one of the best metal gear games of all time!

User Rating: 10 | Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence (First Print Limited Edition) PS2
one of the main reasons i wanted ps2 was because of snake eater,but when i heard about this game,i is this game worth the wait or what?everything in this game is great,the food gathering system,using camoflauge to blend in and in the words of the boss be one with nature.

first off the gameplay.ever since i got this game,i have;nt played any of my other ps2 games.once you put this game inside your ps2,this is all your gonna be playing,in between the great story and the camo and food systems,you could be playing this game for hours or days and never get bored.

now,the graphics.their as beautiful as can be.the jungle actully looks like a jungle and not a bit of slow down or anything,considering all that pops up in the game,the soliders,the trees,big boss,no signs of slow down,now thats good quality graphics

the sound,is amazing.the jungle actully sounds like a jungle and the river and waterfalls all sound like the real things,and you can hear all the animals around you

now the value,this game does have 3 disks,if you have the limited edition with has the secret theater which is funny as hell,and has the duel mode that lets you verse all the boss from the game,so it's worth the 40 bucks

i have nothing else to say besides that this is one of the best games ever
so even if you do have snake eater,get it anyways