I got it!! I got it!!!

User Rating: 9.5 | Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence (First Print Limited Edition) PS2
I wasn't hoping on finding MGS3subsistence used at a local gamestop. Subsistence really makes this game more enjoyable with the added flexibility of the third person rotating camera. It makes it all the more immersive as well. I first tried out MGS3 but was reluctant to own it because it was drastic in terms of timeline and gameplay. i really didn't know then who this Naked Snake was and why there wasn't a real metal gear in the story. But what I did love was the dynamic between The Boss and Naked Snake, and earlier characters like Ocelot. The rest were totally unique characters to the story like Major Zero and Eva. The survivor aspect was really interesting but most of it at that time was overwhelming for me, being a casual player. It is suitable for this game now that i think of it. The lack of an onscreen radar is nice because it adds a nice challenge to finding and hiding from enemies. The CQC technique is really more effective in subduing an enemy than using a gun. The boss battles were really interesting, especially The End. I can really appreciate all of these things because for the most part the view of the environments are not restricted by a top-down view. The environments are done well and nice jungle variety rather than being a predominantly urban industrial setting. Subsistence also packs a lot of extra content for the single player and multiplayer that I thought were good gifts for someone who has already played it. The music is very nice. I must say that MGS3 really did improve on its predecessors.