Jus Plain Awesomo!Story and everything Down packted in a bundle

User Rating: 9.5 | Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence (First Print Limited Edition) PS2
Game story was Awesome. If you haven't played it,you probably isnt into games with a story. It's story is Fantastic! one of the best storys i've been told by a game console in awhile. The Relation Ship between the Boss and Big Boss(A.K.A Naked Snake,Jack). is jus unbeleiveable This game is the best Metal Gear game to date. It's online was rich and fantastic it takes about a hour to get used to the controls but with a eager mind you be a pro in a matter of weeks. The Animal Ranking really made you gett addictied to it. I mean Trying your best to Get FOxhound in online was jus wow. I mean you have to be in the top in one of the many online modes. There were a few modes(online),Cap(Object is to capture the gako and return it the base and keep it there for a set amount of time),Team Death Match(your Stand kill the team at all cost),Rescue(This time theirs no respawning babe,sneak to get the duck and return it to base if you dont make it back in a set amount of time the offensive team wins),and the final Mode Sneaking(Sneak to get the file,its a 1 vs all mode. You can use Snake in this mode online,you must get the File at all cost!Return it to the base and you win.You're Equip with stealth camo,a one hit(takedown throw) stun and more).
You was all ways on the edge of your seat(well me it was my bed cause the ps2 was in my room xD!).
Best Console online experience ever...

it gets a 9.5 cause the servers were turned off ;(