See how the Metal Gear universe began. Play as Snake as the game follows him through his adventures in Russia.

User Rating: 9.5 | Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence (First Print Limited Edition) PS2
The Metal Gear universe, created by Hideo Kojima, has as many twists and turns as a snake. This game starts at the very beginning, and adds just as many questions as it does answers.

Subsistence is a remake of Snake Eater. SE was limited because of the terrible camera issues, but Subsistence allows you to switch at will between the original camera and a different, new camera that almost feels like Splinter Cell.

The game's realism is unmatched. If you take an enemy hostage, he may give you useful information. He may not. Either way, if you slit his throat, throw him down, or choke him, you need to hide the body. Not always easy in the jungles of Russia. Blood stains and bodies alert the guards, as do shell casings or gunfire. The story is awesome as well. Early on you will learn of a defection in the ranks of the CIA. The defector has taken two nuclear weapons to Russia, and given them to GRU, the anti-Krushchev regime of the Cold War. As Snake, an operative for FOX, a division of the CIA, you are sent to stop the defector and rescue a man named Sokolov, who the GRU is using to start a nuclear war.
As the story progresses you will learn of this traitor's identity, their mission, and you will wage battle against them and their comrades, who weild almost supernatural combat skills.
This fill is gaps in the MGS storyline, but also raises new questions.

The AI is superb, the graphics great, and the music...well, perhaps that isn't the strong suit, but there are a few gems of audio hidden within the game. Though the game is pricey, it's worth every penny.

Also entertaining is the ability it switch disguises to match your surroundings. For example, jungle camo will do you no good in the fortress you must infiltrate, but a silver-shaded camo will match the walls, and a GRU uniform will adequately disguise you unless someone gets a good look at your face. The Subsistence package also comes with an Easter egg of downloadable, utterly useless camo. Good for a laugh though.
In addition to that, you will be forced to catch food to survive in the wilderness, otherwise you will continuously falter in battle.
If you're wounded, you must do in-field surgery to save yourself.

This cinema-worthy masterpice is a great addition to the MGS family. Prepare for hours of cutscenes though. Play this game before you die!