Snake--the NOT-so-confusing bit of his tale!

User Rating: 9 | Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater PS2
OK, so this is a fact--I finished this game first before even knowing that Sons of Liberty was part 2 in the MGS series. But even so, I didn't feel like I was left out because this MGS is different from all the other games of the series. Firstly, it's a prequel, then, the story is actually the intoductory part of the whole MGS legacy as it is. It's quite amazing.
Now the story is completey immersive. This is the whole bit about the beginning of the hunt for the famed Metal Gears. The whole game is set in the 70's, or the age of the Cold War. Snake(this time, it's really him, not some spoiled clone) is sent to the lush jungles of the North to retrieve this Russian scientist who is deemed to have invented the Metal Gears. The opening sequences immedaiately pulls you in. There's a lot of twists in the game, but they make more sense than the confusion built by the Sons of Liberty. The story is actually easy to catch up with. Just prepare for some seriously beautiful cutscenes and story line. The cheesy voice overs and the Codec are still here, though. But don't worry, instead of falling asleep during the very long Codec moments, you'd actually be compelled to listen to what people say because, every word is vital to your survival, as well as Snake's. So listen carefully.
This game boasts some of the best graphics on the PS2. The entire game is rendered with care and professional talent. Kojima and the team really know how to graphically please gamers with the overall presentation of the games that they make. The starring characters have unique animations to them, movement is fluid as ever and the environments are just spellbinding. There's smart use of light and shadows here. The ambience of the whole game remains consistent until the very end. The game is all about the visual presentation.
Harry Gregson-Williams is back for the game's soundtrack. As with his work with Sons of Liberty, his pieces for this game just makes this game epic. The game presents the right music during the right moments. As with the music, the other sounds in the game are just amazing. This game features forests, mountains, rivers and a lot of visually stunning sets, so gamers are given really realistic environmental sounds here. Hook this up to really smashing sound systems to experience the nice touch of nature in this game. The voice overs are still dramatic. The voice actors really know how to put life into the game.
The game stays true to its roots, but with a lot of add-ons and tweaks. An important addition is the Close Quarters Combat system that's integrated in this game. Snake just doesn't kick and punch enemies, he grabs them and does all sorts of evil things to them. Interogate Russian militia, steal things from them, talk your way out of reinforcements, get healing frequencies on radio, and even make them talk about where you'll find certain things on the map. Evidently, the CQC system is vital to this game, and is a treat to those gamers who just don't want Raiden's stupid naked moves. The bossfights are very epic this time around. All the bosses in this game are unique and are smart. There are plenty of these hard-to-kill characters here, unlike MGS 2. One even pits you into an hourlong fight. There are a lot of things to do in this game, most of them are just made just for the heck of it. Expect a lot of magic to happen in this game. Remember that each and every action is also a tactic to overcome the hordes of enemies wandering around the vast levels of this game.
With a new gameplay element, great cutscenes, dramatic soundtrack and beautiful animation, this game is an art in its own right. Though the camera needs getting used to, it's still forgiveable because of the many things that make Snake Eater a treat for series veterans and even for those who haven't even experienced MGS.