Thriling, exiteing, chalanging this game is garentead to blow you away.

User Rating: 9.5 | Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (Mega Hits!) PS2
Metal gear solid 2: sons of liberty. This game is one of a kind and if you have played it, it`s probably burned it`s image in your mind. So lets start of with the beginning mission ( The tanker mission ). The aim of this mission is to get you ready for the main mission, like a training mission, but better and more fun than that. So here you are on the deck of the ship, which recording to your partner holds the new METAL GEAR, and you have to fight your way to the METAL GEAR to bag some photos ( evidence ). Any way if you manage to do all that revolver Ocelot turns up and uses the METAL GEAR to kill every one, ( but you survive ) and blow a hole in the wall to get out. The controls of this game are grate, you will not have any problems ( if the is any problems with the control it`s probable your control pad ). This game is an example of what happens when all the right things come to gather. Now your on mission 2 the main mission. In this mission you need to rescue the president, stop the destruction of the water chemicals plant and save the day. Well you are progressing throw the game you will learn some top secret information, such as the Patriots and more. When you have completed mission 2, things start getting weired. You are now at mission 3 the last mission, you must battle you way throw the enemy`s, ( and even the METAL GEARS ) to reach the final boss battle. If you do this well done you have just completed the game.
All in all this is the game for all METAL GEAR SOLID fans, and even people who just wont to have a go. Thanks for reading :D