Would be a masterpiece if not for the cons

User Rating: 7 | Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance PC
Story: Ok so there are 2 story arcs in the game: 1. Solid snake arc 2. Raiden arc I played the both arcs and i came to a conclusion that the 1st arc (Where you play as solid snake) is very boring in terms of story and missions. It just wasnt enough to keep me going. The story was just boring, no other words for that. As for the objectives, you have to spend 24 hours taking pictures and playing through lame boss battles The 2nd arc is when you play as Raiden. This is the part where the story gets interesting. You are sent on a mission as 'Snake' to investigate the 'Big shell' and you encounter a terrorist group, The Sons of Liberty. Each member has his/her own unique trait. As you progress through the story, you encounter unexpected and story changing plot twists which keep you attracted towards playing the game. The disappointing part was that the final boss didnt seem anything special Gameplay: The gameplay was interesting. Being a stealth game, you have to either stay hidden or charge your way through but the second option doesnt work most of the time but you still enjoy the game playing with stealth. There are 3 different phases of alert in the game Caution, Evasion and Alert, each being triggered by a different action in the game and its effect wears off over time if you remain undetected. The gameplay was different and enjoyable I dont have much to say about the graphics as i played this a long time ago and dont know how good were graphics then