Simply the best in the genre I've ever played.

User Rating: 9 | Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance X360
Reviews are a subjective thing so instead of elaborating about what's good and what's bad I'm going to base my score on 10 factors. These 10 things are what I like in a game. If you happen to have the same tastes in gaming as I do then you'll know this game is for you. Also, if what I like aren't what you like in a game then you'll know that this game isn't for you. Each factor consists of 1 point max unless stated so if it gets 10/10 then this game is perfect for me. Multiplayer elements not included because I don't care about it.

1. Cool/Badass looking lead character. [1]
(Doesn't have to be good looking. E.g. Kratos, Marcus Fenix etc)

2. Fun gameplay. [1]
(Feel strong, suspense filled and action packed regardless of

3. A lot of weapons/upgradable weapons if there aren't new ones. [1]

4. Good graphics or good performance or both. [1]
(Doesn't mean this is the best looking game, it's only a threshold
to compare with)

5. Over the top sound effects. [1]
(I want guns to sound loud or weapon swings that sound devastating)

6. Humor. [1]
(Games have to be funny at times, I don't like stuff to be too

7. Light puzzle solving. [X]
(Moderate ones are okay, I don't want my brain to melt)

8. New Game Plus. [1]
(I worked hard to get strong, I expect to kick ass in my next playthrough)

9. Reasonable gametime including extras. [1]
(>8 hours of gameplay excluding cutscenes)

10.Blood and Gore. [1]
(I want melee weapons to crush, decapitate enemies and guns that blow heads off with blood splattering)

Total: 9.0 out of 10