Why Raiden wears high heels and has long blond hair?

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We all know that Raiden started with the wrong foot in MGS 2, he is not the iconic hero Solid is, but he could thrive in a ninja game.

The game devs ought to eliminate his soft side that was criticised so hard, some ppl even went as far as calling him gay.

And whatdid they do in revengeance? They picture him with long blond hair and high heels!!

Why would a ninja wear high heels, high heels make a strong characteristic noise and unbalance the wearer at high speeds. Ok lomg long blond hair have a different significance in the Japanese culture, but high heels really add to womening Raiden's figure, whi is one that already has suffered a lot of criticism on that department, was this an accident or intentional?

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this post says more about you than Raiden, you should probably be embarrassed if it's not a joke. :P

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If it was just the high heels, i would have consider it a coincidence but:

-His white hair occassionally appears painted blond some times.

-He has long nails.

-He has his eye brows fixed.

-Also wears make up.

-No facial or chest hair.(Snake has both)

-And on top of that he is wearing high heels!!!

C mon this cant be all a coincidence, you dont see male characters being womenized so much in other games.

When i played the 360 Demo i didnt notice the high heels, but as i am playing the PC version now i noticed them and after i noticed the high heels, the rest of the details added up.

I suspect this was made on purpose, to either make Raiden harder to relate with or keeping Kojima's trend to tease us.

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I have no idea because i don't have use.

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